Exploring the map

I felt quite adventurous so made a little handdrawn mindmap to gather some elements which I believe to be making up the post-apocalyptic aesthetic I am aiming for.

mindmap-pa-fashionCollecting the crucial ingredients before, then – in the second step – reconsindering them in terms of practicability in every day fashion. In my little mindmap I named this make-or-break subitem „How not to look like…“ which is meant as no offence to homeless, nerds, punks or wearing costumes. It’s just…well if you don’t get the point nevermind, just gtfo here ok? Basic patterns are based on what is available either for free, in my little collection of Burda or what I can take from the clothing in my closet without tearing them apart. I will also dedicate a chapter or two each for the choices of colour, materials and techniques and whilst so get the suitable tools and how to make/use them along to you.

What do you think? Are the subitems missing in the map? Are there techniques I haven’t listed that you want to share?


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